Few useful Educational Apps for students

“Why was education invented?” This unique question startled me when I googled the term “Evolution of Education”. It was a popular question in the “People also ask..” segment. If you have to describe its purpose in one word, it'd be learning. Over the course of civilization, education has gone through various reforms because time and again the process of learning needed reinvention. And, in this era of internet and smart-phones, education reinvented itself again for the benefits of today’s students.

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Why is co-education school necessary for girls’ education?

When we think about choosing a school for a child’s education, we mostly consider schools that have good academic records and can provide the students with the best of infrastructure and competitive ambience. However, the school is also the place where one learns about life skills and social skills and considering how our society is today, it is far better if girls and boys study together than if they are segregated. Most good schools in Kolkata today have become co- educational. It has been seen that for a girl’s especially, this can be very good as they become comfortable in the company of boys right from childhood.

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The Importance of Learning Music in an Academic Classroom

“When a child is playing or running, inside their minds, they are listening to music” If there is one activity other than sports that unites all the people in the world, it's music. You'll be amazed to find the presence of music in many aspects of our lives. Be it theatre, television, movies, temples, worship, holidays, celebrations, and at government and military ceremonies, music is ever present. Even at home, music can become a part of our family culture. Nearly every person in the world enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing or playing an instrument. From birth, parents instinctively use music to calm and soothe children, to express their love and joy, and to engage and interact. But, somehow over the years music has always been neglected to get a permanent place in academic classrooms, mainly due to issues of funding and scheduling. Let me try here to make a case for the importance of learning music in schools.

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Parent Involvement in Education - its importance!

If you come across a number of young parents of school going children, chances are you'd hear the terms like “parent engagement” and “home-to-school connection”, a lot these days. But, what exactly do these phrases really mean? The answers reveal a wide range of beliefs and values. I don't have all the answers, but I do have a unique perspective on this topic. Parent-teacher relationships don't just happen. They are built over time through consistent communication, collaboration, creative problem solving, a common goal and most importantly, trust. The struggle to have a good working relationship as parents and teachers is real. Thus, developing a healthy parent-teacher relationship is a great way to improve your child’s performance in school.

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Learning to save from an early age

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” - Warren Buffett. According to one of the researches of Kids and Money Survey, more than two-thirds of parents still have some reluctance to talk about money, and nearly as many only talk about it when their kids ask about it. That's not right. The same survey revealed that parents who talk about money with their children at least once a week are notably more likely to have kids who generally are smart about money. Those children are less likely to spend money unnecessarily.

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Dealing With The Common Signs of School Problems

Having a child is indeed a life-altering experience. But, let's be honest, everything about parenting isn't blissful. Sometimes, it is plain exhausting. Since deciding to have a child is perhaps the only irreversible decision that one can make, it simply makes sense to evaluate all the prospects when you decide to admit your child into a school.

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Few advantages of studying in a CBSE affiliated school

Having a child is indeed a life-altering experience. But, let's be honest, everything about parenting isn't blissful. Sometimes, it is plain exhausting. Since deciding to have a child is perhaps the only irreversible decision that one can make, it simply makes sense to evaluate all the prospects when you decide to admit your child into a school.

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Checklist factors before you choose the right nursery school for your child

There are few things harder than new parents have to go through than choosing the right nursery school for their children. Getting an admission in nursery school in Kolkata becomes more and more difficult each day as the number of applicants continue to grow. There are few things that should be checked out before zeroing in on a nursery school. Here are they: Considerate teachers: This will be the first time that the child would spend a few hours without his or her parents, especially the mother, and so the teachers should be considerate enough to understand that need of the child. The child might get agitated in the first few days of school, and even scared, but it is up to the teacher to calm them down. Make sure that the teachers of the nursery have the necessary credentials in child care to do their job.

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Few Organisational Apps for students

“ For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is learned”- Benjamin Franklin Organisational Apps- Organization is key to success. You will find more than a million apps on Google Play Store dedicated to Education. These mobile learning or m-learning apps offer a rich and dynamic learning experience due to the rapid evolution of mobile devices by providing new content on demand and technology-rich activities, with elements of gamification. But, on the flip side, it may prove to be an obstacle for technophobes. As many organizations still have a classroom-based, instructor-led paradigm for learning, we need a broader understanding of e-learning or m-learning to make it accessible and useful for maximum number of students.

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What are you giving your child? What is education?

Some of the key phrases that I get to hear while waiting at the school gate, for my daughter to come out are- “preparing for the real world”, “ have to succeed in life”, “an all-round education”. I hear few voices firmly claiming how children should be told and memorized, at home and in school, about the importance of being the best. They should be made to feel- that all these running around from the school rooms, to the tuition classes and then the swimming, tennis, cricket, bharatnatyam, kuchipudi, rabindrasangeet, sitar, violin, cookies, bakery, boxing... ...it’s all for their future!

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